Tips on Taking Care of Window Shutters

Window shutters can be functional or decorative components of the home. Taking care of the window shutters is not just an option, it is compulsory. Window shutters are not like walls that are constructed and occasionally cleaned. Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your window shutters looking vibrant and appealing. Read on to find a few tops you could use to bring back the glow and luster on dirty and unpleasant window shutters. You may just click here to instantly find quality shutters.

Clean window shutters depending on the material used. You need to read this regarding any kind of shutter. Wooden window shutters should be cleaned at least once a week using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and avoid build up of the same. Polish the wood at least once a month to restore its luster. Clean vinyl or painted shutters using warm water, soap, and a rug. Use a vacuum to remove loose dirt and clean the fixed dirt using warm water, soap, and a rug. Use a dry towel to remove excess water.

Exterior window shutters should be cleaned using plenty of water, detergent and a soft brush. A horse pipe or a pressure washer can be used to clean windows that are not within reach. A larder can be used to reach high points of the window shutters; however, a lot of precaution needs to be taken especially when dealing with soap and water. The beauty of the exterior window shutters is that they can be cleaned with water and soap regardless whether they are decorative.

Use a toothbrush to reach corners and crevices where your hands cannot reach. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the type of detergent to use. Avoid using multi-purpose detergent on the interior shutters; they may be too harsh on the decorative shutters or cause staining or discoloration. Heed to the instructions of the producer to guarantee durability and have value for your money.

Window shutters need to be occasionally maintained and repaired. Remove any loose materials and replace any broken shutters. Broken window shutters are a safety hazard and should be immediately replaced. Wooden window shutters that may have been infested by insects such as ants need to be replaced, and the new wood should be treated. Treating wood enhances its durability and slows down the aging process. The treatment destroys any microorganisms in the wood, which can breed and start eating up the wood. Varnish can be applied to seal the wood to avoid air getting into the wood; this also enhances the durability of the wood.

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